Swanky Toddler Style

I love flowers. I think there should be more flowers in the world. Every chance Princess gets, she “mell” the “fow-wahs.” Even the plastic kind. I’m not so fond of those, but fabric flowers are just swanky cool. Jewelry. Clothes. Headbands. Belts. Shoes. Purses. You name it, sew them on. Strolling through Target one night I realized, they’re on teeny-tiny clothes too. Princess sized clothes. No one is immune to the fabric flower phase of fashion. If they are on the 2T rack at Tar-jae, then ladies and gents, we have a full-blown trend on our hands.

Cool. Because I can MAKE fabric flowers. I can. And I did. Here’s how I took a clearance shirt from Target and made my little diva a matching shirt and barrette — which she adored. And had to wear right away. I’m the best mommy ever. I should be on Project Runway. Okay, not. But whatever, she liked it and it was a cheap fun addition to her summer wardrobe that didn’t cause arguments in the morning since she actually wanted to wear it.

I went solo with this project since there was hot glue involved. But Princess did help by picking out not one but two shirts AND taking an hour and a half nap so that I could get both shirts and 5 barrettes adorned.

Supplies you’ll need:

Fabric – not a lot. You’ll be cutting it into strips 10 inches long by 1 inch or so wide for each flower. Doesn’t have to be perfect.

Glue – hot glue to hold the flower together and if you are making a matching hair clip. Fabric glue if you are planning to affix to clothing.

Clothing if you want to put your flower on it. Here’s what Princess picked out:

Hair Clip if you want to put your flower on it.


This is really tough now. Pay attention.

Cut your fabric into the strip stated above. About 10 inches long and an inch or so wide. I played with the length and width a little to modify the size of my flowers. Start with that dimension and then go up or down based on what you are making.

Fold the end over with the pattern side facing out.

Fold it over again. Just the end.

Now fold that end towards you so it makes a bit of a 90 degree angle on the edge. It’s small, I know.

Okay, start twisting.

Yeah, just twist. Not too tight. Not too uniform. Make it a little wonky. And glue it down every few spots so it holds together.

Leave a bit at the end to fold over the back of your swirlies so you can glue it all to it to anchor it.

Voila. Fabric flower.

Let it set. I added a rhinestone to the middle to add a little panosh. (I don’t know how to spell that word, deal with it.) Then glue it to whatever you want.

Princess shocked me with how much she loved the pink shirt with the purple fabric flowers on it. I got a squeal and a hug with the big reveal. She chose it as a must wear to school the next day with the matching barrette.

And I will tell you this, that fabric glue… I had every intention of treating it delicately. Yeah, whatever. I forgot it was on the shirt and threw it in the laundry with everything else. I even dried it. On HIGH. And it came out with the flowers and rhinestones in tact. Crazy. I was really impressed. It was good though because toddler clothes rarely get clean on delicate if you know what I mean. That was going to be a one-time wear if she got ketchup on it. And she puts ketchup on ev-ery-thi-ng.

Total cost for me was really cheap. I had the rhinestones, hot glue and barrettes already. I bought the fabric glue for something else entirely but we’ll pretend it was for this project. I used Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Glue. I couldn’t find it online, but here’s a link link to what I think they’ve replaced it with. Both shirts were on clearance for $2.99 each. A whole package of barrettes from Sally Beauty Supply were $2.99 but like I said, I had those already to make Princess some bows.  The fabric was in the clearance bins of fabric from JoAnn for I think $.99?, but don’t quote me. It may have been $1.99 but there’s soooo much left over that you truly could make a whole grove of flowers. It’s easy to fancy up any plain t-shirt or skirt.

Not bad all in all for a little monster in the morning who is quite opintionated about her clothes and hair clips. It’s pretty cute too that every time she sees the clips I created for her, she says, “Mommy made that.” And not to go all Laura Engles on her and let her think we’re going to make her clothes or anything, but it’s neat that she can begin to understand where a little creativity can take her.

Special thanks to V and Co and this one from Mom Advice for the inspiration for this craft.


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